Why do married men flirt with single ladies?



The pure urge to feel wanted makes even married men flirt and seek attention of single ladies.
Men Will be guys; this phrase is internationally recognized and shown in the advertisement that endorses it. To be honest, even ladies flirt, but not the’in your face’ kind of way that most men do, and a lot less when they’re in a committed relationship. Men are more direct in their strategy while flirting, while girls flirt more passively and in a subtle way. Flirting enriches attraction, which can be fine if you’re trying to find a soul mate, manipulating a sales man.

However, When you’re already married, the entire situation changes. The majority of ladies almost quit flirting after becoming married; guys on the contrary get better with their flirting post marriage.

Married guys flirting: The statistics
When I attempted to research about the number of married men flirt, the Internet almost mocked in my sheer idiocy. I received all types of answers ranging from the way, where, why, even forms of flirting, but real numbers of married men flirting was nowhere in sight. That is when I got the answer to my naive question. ‘All guys flirt’. No matter age, region, religion, societal and economic standing as well as marital status,’all men flirt’. The only striking distinction is that the amount of intensity.

Even though The majority of women don’t get influenced by being exposed to attractive men, guys confess to satisfaction in their existing relationships after interacting with attractive women around them — says a research . Just like other interpersonal activities, different guys accept flirtation differently. While some guys flirt constantly, others hold back this demonstrative type of communication for expressing legitimate feelings that extend past friendship.

Discovering the flirting behavior can be extremely challenging. Based on research, Just 28 percent of the time men and women were convinced of another individual flirting. That is because, generally, the intention of flirting is not direct. Men hotel to flirting to avoid embarrassment from misreading the signs delivered by the opposite sex.

Most wives are Totally fine with their husbands’ casual flirting. They know when their husbands have been harmlessly flirting with another woman; it might be a compliment, a witty dialogue or perhaps a dirty joke. The wife isn’t insecure in these instances, because there are boundaries that are clearly established. Add to it that the confidence factor and also the fact that many households still have the husband as the main provider.


Most of The husbands will also be aware of this arrangement; this is the principal reason that they divert their flirting energies in the direction of single women rather than married ones.

                                                11 reasons why married guys flirt with only women

Isn’t It just amusing that there are thousands of memes, where the husband glorifies other girls over his own wife? Although by definition of flirting means getting sexually attracted to someone, it does not always have a sexual connotation. Most men prefer a no strings attached single woman to flirt with for other reasons aside from sex.

1. They can, so that they will
Contrary to Their wives, guys try to ignore the basic difference between the things they need and what they desire. That is why the very best reason why married guys flirt is because they can, and might continue doing this until they can. If the girl is single, then the flirting gets simple. They believe that given their social status and experience, they can provide just one girl a joyful life, spiced with ecstasy.

2. Only to have fun
Most Married men indulge in occasional harmless flirting just for fun. An innocent glow on a dress or a necklace never hurt anybody. There’s a certain degree of unknown when it comes to single women, which generates enthusiasm and supplies an ego boost to bot The woman feels significant in the sense that the guy, who’s married is choosing her over his wife and has flattered.

3 Their Standard instinct are the alpha male dominates their husband obligations if they flirt with the charming single lady. And just if the woman happens to react, he is currently giving himself a high five and saying,”Yes, I am back into the game”. It’s indeed a joy to feel desired.

4. The need to be desirable
After Union, when their connection flattens out in the regular chores of raising a family, ” he starts feeling less desired. This is the reason he or she might even head out of his comfort zone to save the closest damsel in distress. They overestimate their attractiveness

5. They overestimate their attractiveness

This reason may sound odd, but apparently It’s clinically proven That guys do violate how attractive they actually are. This is only one reason why even small indicating gestures shown by unmarried women are frequently misunderstood by men and they feel that they have to flirt in return.

6. They miss being single
Sometimes men get Nostalgic about their bachelorhood. Flirting brings the memories back he’d about walking into a celebration and prepossessing the ladies. They get motivated to try their pickup lines on the single woman, simply to see if they still work. Additionally, it reassures them of their talent in being able to woo one lady inspite of the’married’ tag.

7. They are bored with their connection
This One particularly reflects the relationship standing back in the home with his spouse. It’s assumed that if one guy flirts, he’s free of charge, but when a married man flirts then he’s bored with his wife. The nicely groomed single girl is anytime far more attractive and exciting than his wife who probably is in her pajamas the entire moment. They are just testing the waters.

8. They are just testing the waters

Flirting Fails its purpose if it not reciprocated. Married men are ready to put their guard down simply to see how the single girl is responding to each of their improvements. The flirting begins getting intense on favorable responses. To make their partner jealous

9. To make their partner jealous

This One possibly is the most positive reason for a married man to flirt. He would like to prove it to her if he really wants he can still find other women to be in awe of him. They have an ulterior motive

10. They have an ulterior motive

Guys Feel intimidated in the presence of powerful women, but at times fulfilling them can not be avoided. And if the woman happens to be unmarried that they get volatile and feel that flirting are the best and safest way to break the ice and get the deal done.

11. To improve their self-esteem
Sometime The mundane existence takes a toll on your personality. It makes you age quicker. Your self-esteem requires a battering. That is when the husband decides to give himself a booster shot by indulging in a little playfulness. It makes him feel alive and attractive when it is reciprocated with a gorgeous single girl.

Most of Us become Alive, and find the’large’ feeling when we flirt or are being flirted with. However, the dynamics of flirting shift somewhat with your marital status.

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